Mossadegh Foundation's activities

Since 21 March 2000, when it was inaugurated, the Foundation has organized many cultural activities. Some of these major events are listed below:



The Mossadegh Foundation and the library of Iranology were opened to the public on 21 March 2000 after an initial phase of development and installation of the library.

The premises were built in three levels: administration and reception, reading room and conference room.

An opening ceremony was held and several personalities honored us with their presence at the event, which was covered by TV Suisse Romande and a live broadcast on Radio Lac.

The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Jean-Rudolf Christ, a founding member.



- 2001-2002 academic year, the first research was carried out at the library by Geraldine Roh-Merolle for Ms. S. Naef’s seminar.

- 3 September, the First Mossadegh Prize for journalism was awarded to Mr. Serge Michel, a freelance journalist, distinguished by the quality of his many articles on Iran.



- 21 June, the "Qajar Family Day" was held, gathering members of the eponymous dynasty at the Foundation.

- In September a conference by Mr P. Riggenberger on the theme "Persian painting, a vision of paradise and a paradise to the soul"  was presented.



- In January, Professor H. Gasche, an archaeologist at the Ghent University, Belgium – who has participated in archaeological researches in Iran and Mesopotamia – gave a lecture on the theme "The relations of the city of Susa with nearby Mesopotamia".

- In March, Mr. R. Moghtadai, an architect, lectured on "Bam, the last citadel in the Iranian desert".

- Thanks to the cooperation of the Cultural Services of the City of Geneva, we participate biannually in the city’s poster campaign. During four weeks, posters of the Foundation are displayed at 45 different locations in Geneva.

- 2003-2004 academic year, five students from the University of Geneva – Martina Fuchs, Mark Gebert, Daniel Hofer, Lorenz Kurtz, and Yvan Schanwecker – prepared a collective work on the "War of Oil in Iran" for a Seminar on the History of Diplomatic and International Relations.

- 28 October, the Second Mossadegh Prize for a book was awarded to American authors, Professor Mark Gasiorowski and Mr. Malcolm Byrne.



- 10 March, Mr. R. Moghtadai, a prominent Iranian architect, gave a lecture on "Persian Gardens" with a presentation of images.

- In May, the Foundation welcomed members of the American Women’s Association in Geneva for a library tour and a roundtable.



- 10 February, conference by Mr Patrick Riggenberger, with image projection, on the subject of ""Persian Art in the Light of the Mystique and Philosophy of Iran" (theme based on the lecturer's book The Christian Art of the Image", about the Middle-Age's icon, stained glass and mosaic artistry, published at Editions "Les deux océans", Paris).



- During 2006 and 2007, the Foundation received a large number of books in donation and also acquired some. Subsequently, it decided not to organize cultural activities and to devote its' human resources to the complete reorganization of the archives.

- From 16 April to 6 May, as part of the city’s cultural event "The Spring in Carouge - The Conference of Birds by Farid-ud-Din Attar", the Foundation participated with a series of public activities, including poetry recitals and theatrical performances by Mr. Jalali, Mr. Mansour Javidan, and Ms. Thommen, in addition to book presentations.

- 24 April, the Foundation organized a tour of the library and a roundtable in the presence of members of the women intercultural exchanges network, (F-Information), the Peacemaker Spiders’ Association and members of the Women's Council of Carouge.

- In September, the Foundation’s collection was enriched by a generous donation of books from the personal library of the late Farrokh Ghaffari.

- 27 October, Professor Charles Henry Fouchécour and Ms. Zahra Shams offered a two-part lecture, "Hafez, the great poet of Iran". Ms. Shams gave a presentation on the perception of Hafez in France, and Mr. Fouchécour presented "The Divan of Hafez", which he has translated in French.



- The Foundation devoted most of its personnel resources registering, classifying and adding the 2007 book donation (from the collection of Farrokh Gaffari) to the expanding library.

- The Foundation had planned to award the Mossadegh Prize for a book. However, even though a selection process was organized, the ceremony was postponed to 2009 given the significant workload implied for the library.

- In November, the Foundation produced a new poster for the Annual Poster Campaign in Geneva. Ms. Mansureh Farman Farmaian, a graphic designer, graciously designed this poster pro bono.

- Various international researchers visited Geneva to consult the archives of our library, as some books cannot be found elsewhere.



- This year we adopted a new statute for the Mossadegh Foundation

- 21 February, the 3rd Mossadegh Prize for a book was awarded to Ms. Florence Hellot-Bellier, a history professor and researcher of the CNRS’ "Iranian and Indian worlds" team.

- 17 December, an open house was organized. After two years of classifying, labeling and shelving the donated books, the public was invited to discover the Foundation’s new layout and additional resources.



- 16 January, the 4th Mossadegh Prize was awarded to Dr. Fakhreddin Azimi, a history professor at the University of Connecticut, United States. In addition, Dr. Azimi held a conference on the history of democracy in Iran.

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